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For the first time ever we,the entire world, are all playing on the same team Our opponent is a disease We need determination, discipline and teamwork to beat the coronavirus. The world of football is united and together, we will win. There are five steps to tackle the coronavirus. Hands,Elbow,Face,Distance and Feel.

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KD Intermediate College is located at Bishunpura Chiurapali Kushinagar in a healthy and peaceful locality. The location of the school is very congenial having a friendly and peaceful neighbourhood. The spot is immaculate, hygienic, completely pollution free without any traffic with abundance of green pastures, surroundings having two acres of its own campus with beautiful garden. The school has adequate water supply, modern sanitary arrangements, electricity and power.

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Children are divine creation and divine too is their innocent childhood. When they smiles with sparkling eyes, a pure sense of divinity, hope and happiness spreads everywhere.

Sneha Kannuajiya (78.40 )

Aradhana Singh (76.20 )

Kishan Bharti (87.50 )

Salini Madi (82.00 )

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